Tuna & Egg Salad

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With four consecutive family weddings, I haven’t had much time to post any new recipes. But rest assured, we had plenty of good food at the weddings. I also stuck pretty much to spicy south-Indian curries and lots of rice for meals at home with our visiting family. Continue reading Tuna & Egg Salad

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These cookies are THE ULTIMATE cookies. They are my absolute favourite and never fail to impress a crowd. Scoop them out onto a baking tray and freeze. They store well in the freezer for weeks in a zip lock bag. When you have guests, just pop them in the oven (no need to thaw) and about 20 minutes later, you would have turned your guests into devotees. Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies

Grilled Chilli Cheese Sandwich


We’ve been away on holidays and it has been so difficult getting back into a routine of cooking and housework. All I want to do is laze around in post-holiday bliss. Not having the motivation to cook doesn’t mean we don’t have the motivation to eat. Unfortunately for us, post-holiday also means it is time to curb the spending, so going out for dinner last night wasn’t an option. I made some grilled cheese sandwiches and they were a hit with very little effort required! Continue reading Grilled Chilli Cheese Sandwich

Breakfast Soufflé


I love eggs for breakfast, but Mangy is a little strange. Some days he’ll order poached eggs and thoroughly enjoy them for breakfast. Other days he’ll refuse to eat them, claiming that they’re too eggy. How can eggs not be eggy?? I I try to be open minded about his quirks, but sometimes I wonder about his food habits….just a little too weird for my taste. Continue reading Breakfast Soufflé

Bagara Baingan (Whole baby eggplant curry)


I’ve been in a bit of a cooking funk lately and have been feeling a little uninspired in the kitchen. I figured the best way to shake it off is to cook up recipes I would normally never be interested in. One of those recipes is Bagara Baingan. It just seemed like too much work for 6 little eggplants.  Continue reading Bagara Baingan (Whole baby eggplant curry)

Murungakai & Munthiri Perattal (Drumsticks & Cashew nuts Fry)

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I was getting a little bored of the usual way I cook drumsticks and was actually dreading preparing them for dinner today. In the end I decided it was time to rock things up a little. Don’t get me wrong, my mother in law’s eggplant and drumstick recipe is absolutely lovely, but we really needed a change.  I thought I would make it South Indian style and it turned out really well.  Continue reading Murungakai & Munthiri Perattal (Drumsticks & Cashew nuts Fry)