Vegetable Manchurian


We recently bought a new dining table and decided to have a little party to break out the table. I had my lovely sister in law, her mum and brothers and my grandmother over for dinner. Instead of the same old, I thought I might try some Indo-chinese recipes. This Vegetarian Manchurian recipe was a huge hit. There is no egg in the recipe, so it’s 100% vegetarian. You could use any combination of vegetables, so be creative! Continue reading Vegetable Manchurian

Lemon & sage butter pasta with seared scallops

If I wasn’t such a pig, I’d say this is the perfect date night meal. It’s elegant and fresh, rich but still light. The plump scallops add a decadent touch to an already incredible dish. But the truth is, this tastes so good I’m usually too busy scoffing it down to pay much attention to romance. In case you’re wondering, Mangy is no better.

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