I am snob when it comes to falafels. I refuse to eat a bad falafel, even out of politeness. I just won’t touch it beyond the first bite. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find good falafels here in Singapore. The texture is never quite right. A little too pasty, a little too dense. Continue reading Falafels

Spicy Cornflakes Mixture


We make this so often at home that I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about it. Everytime we sit down to watch an Indian movie, we’ll have a bowl of cornflake mixture sitting in between us. Homemade mixture is so much better than store bought, you can add all your favourite things and omit the stuff you don’t like. Also it’s surprisingly quick to prepare. Continue reading Spicy Cornflakes Mixture



I’ve never had much luck in getting idli batter to ferment, but last night I gave it another shot! I think I know why I got it wrong all these years, I simply didn’t add enough water (silly me!). I did a little research yesterday and came across a blog on idli making and troubles that particular blogger had. She said adding more water to the batter worked for her, so I thought I didn’t have much to lose, and it worked! Continue reading Idli