Kipfler Potato Ishtu


Kipfler potatoes have a really lovely taste and extremely creamy texture that taste especially good in rich stews. I decided to try using them for the famous Malayalee Ishtu and the result was incredible! I won’t be going back to regular potatoes now. Continue reading Kipfler Potato Ishtu

Fried Eggplant


Mangy’s mum makes this really simple eggplant recipe. The eggplants are fried but are not meant to be crisp. They’re just soft on the inside and hold their shape after cooking. It’s a great dish when you’re exhausted and you need something made quickly to serve with hot rotis for dinner. They don’t look like much I know, but trust me they’re very tasty. Continue reading Fried Eggplant

Baby Corn Pakoda – Version 2


I posted a recipe for baby corn pakoda not too long ago. It was an instant hit and I’ve made it several times now. This afternoon I decided I needed my pakoda fix only to find¬†out that I’ve run out of rice flour. So I tweaked the recipe slightly and guess what? I much prefer this version! It’s crunchier and much spicier. Continue reading Baby Corn Pakoda – Version 2