Baby Corn Pakoda – Version 2


I posted a recipe for baby corn pakoda not too long ago. It was an instant hit and I’ve made it several times now. This afternoon I decided I needed my pakoda fix only to find out that I’ve run out of rice flour. So I tweaked the recipe slightly and guess what? I much prefer this version! It’s crunchier and much spicier. Continue reading Baby Corn Pakoda – Version 2

Spicy Cornflakes Mixture


We make this so often at home that I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about it. Everytime we sit down to watch an Indian movie, we’ll have a bowl of cornflake mixture sitting in between us. Homemade mixture is so much better than store bought, you can add all your favourite things and omit the stuff you don’t like. Also it’s surprisingly quick to prepare. Continue reading Spicy Cornflakes Mixture

Vegetable Manchurian


We recently bought a new dining table and decided to have a little party to break out the table. I had my lovely sister in law, her mum and brothers and my grandmother over for dinner. Instead of the same old, I thought I might try some Indo-chinese recipes. This Vegetarian Manchurian recipe was a huge hit. There is no egg in the recipe, so it’s 100% vegetarian. You could use any combination of vegetables, so be creative! Continue reading Vegetable Manchurian

Chicken Banh Mi

2013-11-19 17.27.06 (1)

One of my favourite things when eating out is the Vietnamese Chicken Bahn Mi. It’s a light, crunchy baguette style loaf filled with lots of pickled vegetables, grilled chicken and fresh herbs. The Bahn Mi is incredibly tasty and explodes with flavours, unfortunately it also hits the wallet pretty hard. If we have this a couple of times a week, we’re paying close to $100 per week just for sandwiches. Continue reading Chicken Banh Mi