Prawn Koftas Dry or with Gravy

Prawn Kofta curry is the first dish I ever cooked for Mangy when we were dating back in thoooose days, it’s probably the dish that convinced him to marry me! I didn’t have a recipe and sort of made it up as I went. Surprisingly it turned out really well! I never cooked it again, not because I didn’t want to, but simply because for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the recipe! Continue reading Prawn Koftas Dry or with Gravy

Buffalo Prawns

This prawn recipe is incredibly tasty and so easy to prepare. Great as finger food for a party, you’ll have your guests at your feet begging for more! You can cook the prawns two ways, in a really hot pan or on the BBQ. If you’re  using wooden skewers, don’t forget to soak the skewers in water for at least half an hour – otherwise you’re in for a really hot party! Continue reading Buffalo Prawns

Red Snapper and Green Mango Curry

I am often asked to recommend a substitute for fish curry powder. But I really can’t think of one. I suppose curry powder to Singaporeans is like garam masala to Indians. It’s just a blend of spices that lends itself very well to certain dishes. Every self-respecting Indian and Malay household in Singapore would stock the 3 staple masala blends. Fish Curry powder, Meat Curry powder and Chilli powder. 3 matching empty jars for your masala powders are probably the most common house-warming gift! Continue reading Red Snapper and Green Mango Curry

Prawn Fry (Varuval)

I came across this recipe on youtube and could hardly wait to try it. It’s really easy and super tasty. As usual, I’ve made a few changes. One of the major changes is using gingelly oil instead of regular oil. My granny has always told me to use gingelly oil when frying tomatoes and/or onions. The oil helps remove any ‘rawness’ and adds maximum flavour. Continue reading Prawn Fry (Varuval)

Prawn and Chicken Wontons

These wontons are super tasty, a little spicy, but not enough to blow your head off. They go well on their own as finger food with chili sauce on the side or with noodles and soup. I won’t post post the folding technique, just google it or check out youtube. There are numerous sites with good instructions and photos available. Continue reading Prawn and Chicken Wontons

Faux Seafood Paella

While this dish has all the makings of a good paella, I dare not call it a real paella. I fear I will be attacked by paella purists (they are known to be a little crazy). I don’t have a paella pan, and more importantly I didn’t use paella rice. I used Arborio instead. I can’t call it a risotto either, because it didn’t turn out creamy. Whatever we should call it, the fact is, it turned out fab. We finished it in minutes! This recipe calls for a lot of ingredients and quite a few steps. But really, when you get stuck into it, you’ll realise it’s really easy and so worth the effort. Continue reading Faux Seafood Paella