Beef Cannelloni

As most of you know, I use an iPhone for all my pictures. The pictures aren’t the best, but the iPhone does the job and it usually means I spend less very little time snapping photos and within a minute I can wolf down dinner. The only time I’ve felt the limitations of using an iPhone, was when I tried making this baked cannelloni dish look pretty. Continue reading Beef Cannelloni

Easy Bruschetta

The weather here in Melbourne has been crazy-hot. Going into the kitchen is a nightmare, so I’ve been preparing food as quickly and easily as possible. Any cooking is done outside on the BBQ. These are a great option when you have people to feed and you can’t be bothered slaving over a hot stove. Continue reading Easy Bruschetta

Faux Seafood Paella

While this dish has all the makings of a good paella, I dare not call it a real paella. I fear I will be attacked by paella purists (they are known to be a little crazy). I don’t have a paella pan, and more importantly I didn’t use paella rice. I used Arborio instead. I can’t call it a risotto either, because it didn’t turn out creamy. Whatever we should call it, the fact is, it turned out fab. We finished it in minutes! This recipe calls for a lot of ingredients and quite a few steps. But really, when you get stuck into it, you’ll realise it’s really easy and so worth the effort. Continue reading Faux Seafood Paella

Embi’s Curd Rice – Thair Saatham


I used to believe that only nice people could be good cooks. That theory flew out of the window when I came across 2 people; Jordan Phlamsay* and Embi* (*names have been changed to protect the innocent …..although I really should be changing my name not theirs..). Continue reading Embi’s Curd Rice – Thair Saatham

Kothu Paratha

Mum always keeps frozen prata in her freezer. It’s great emergency food, and guests love it with spicy curry. So if anyone drops by she’s always prepared. We went by my parent’s place this evening, but no one was home. I have the keys to their house so I decided to help myself to mum’s stash of frozen prata 🙂 Continue reading Kothu Paratha

Quorn Bolognese

This recipe uses Quorn mince, but feel free to replace with regular beef mince. The sauce doesn’t call for too many ingredients, over the years I’ve realised that the best ingredient for a tomato-based pasta sauce, is time. The longer you simmer the sauce for, the tastier it’ll be. The sauce becomes something special if you allow it to do it’s thing. I’ve used passata for this recipe. But if you find it easier to get hold of pasta sauce, then use that. The flavour of the bottled sauce doesn’t matter, as long as it’s nothing too strong as you’re adding your own flavours to it. Continue reading Quorn Bolognese