Grilled Chilli Cheese Sandwich


We’ve been away on holidays and it has been so difficult getting back into a routine of cooking and housework. All I want to do is laze around in post-holiday bliss. Not having the motivation to cook doesn’t mean we don’t have the motivation to eat. Unfortunately for us, post-holiday also means it is time to curb the spending, so going out for dinner last night wasn’t an option. I made some grilled cheese sandwiches and they were a hit with very little effort required! Continue reading Grilled Chilli Cheese Sandwich

Pesto Cheese Scones

Mangy came home one night from work and raved about the beautiful pesto scones he had at the cafeteria at work. I asked him to describe it, and he said it was incredibly tasty and he especially loved the pesto stuffed into the layers. Immediately I started to suspect that something was wrong. Scones with layers?? Huh? Continue reading Pesto Cheese Scones


We found a little store in Melbourne selling beautiful French unsalted butter in bulk. I’ve caught myself eating slices of butter (like cheese), it’s that tasty! Anyway, I though I better put a stick of butter to good use and decided to give croissants a go. I used this recipe, but cut down on the work by using my breadmaker. I also changed the butter technique. Continue reading Croissants

Low Carb Oopsie Roll

This recipe has changed the lives of those who have adopted a low carb lifestyle. I came upon the recipe absolutely by chance, but had to try it straight away! It’s not quite like bread, it reminded me of a very light yorkshire pudding or a cream puff. But it’s still really tasty and I enjoyed it with peanut butter for breakfast. I also used a couple of rolls to mop up my prawn curry last night. The recipe only takes a few ingredients and it’s really quite easy. Continue reading Low Carb Oopsie Roll

Spicy Pongal

I’ve only ever had sweet pongal until I tried Venn Pongal in Chennai. I never liked sweet pongal and would usually refuse at the dinner table. When we were in Chennai, due to some planning issues, we were stuck before our next flight at 5 in the morning and the only thing the hotel had ready for breakfast was pongal. Continue reading Spicy Pongal