Tahu Telur

Growing up in Singapore, Tahu Telur was one of my favourite hawker dishes. I haven’t had it in over 13 years and had a sudden yearning for it. I figured I’d give making the dish a shot and the recipes online didn’t look too difficult. Some recipes recommend using an empty tin can to hold the tofu together while frying. This was an absolute disaster for me. I had oil overflowing and almost started a kitchen fire. In the end I just scooped the tofu mixture straight into the hot oil and that worked better for me. Continue reading Tahu Telur

Easy Butter Paneer

Another really easy recipe, inspired by my favourite Vah Chef. Made a few changes, but it’s still super tasty and goes brilliantly with roti. For a super yummy snack, stuff leftover butter paneer between 2 slices of bread with some grated cheese and toast in a sandwich maker. They come out like paneer samosas. Continue reading Easy Butter Paneer

Quorn Bolognese

This recipe uses Quorn mince, but feel free to replace with regular beef mince. The sauce doesn’t call for too many ingredients, over the years I’ve realised that the best ingredient for a tomato-based pasta sauce, is time. The longer you simmer the sauce for, the tastier it’ll be. The sauce becomes something special if you allow it to do it’s thing. I’ve used passata for this recipe. But if you find it easier to get hold of pasta sauce, then use that. The flavour of the bottled sauce doesn’t matter, as long as it’s nothing too strong as you’re adding your own flavours to it. Continue reading Quorn Bolognese

Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Mangy and I love dining out at Thai restaurants. However, with our resolution to avoid meat on weekdays, it simply wasn’t worth the effort and cost to dine out last night. So I thought I’ll make a vegetable green curry at home instead! This recipe isn’t entirely vegetarian because of the fish sauce, so just omit if you’re looking for a vegetarian recipe. Continue reading Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Crispy Cereal Tofu

Remember the good old days when mothers thought fried food was good for you? Spicy fried chicken with rice was the ultimate lunch menu item after school. But it wasn’t the chicken that interested me, it was the burnt bits of masala that stuck on the bottom of the pan. Mum used to scoop the crispy bits out and they were the highlight of my meal. Fried chicken is now a thing of the past, mum grills chicken now. But guess what? I’ve found something better. Continue reading Crispy Cereal Tofu