I am snob when it comes to falafels. I refuse to eat a bad falafel, even out of politeness. I just won’t touch it beyond the first bite. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find good falafels here in Singapore. The texture is never quite right. A little too pasty, a little too dense. Continue reading Falafels

Slow Cooker Dal Makhani

I was at the Indian grocery store the other night and spotted a tub labelled ‘Makhani’ at triple the price of regular butter. I found it so intriguing as I always thought Makhani was just the Indian name for butter. Why wouldn’t you just buy butter instead? Which self-respecting miserly Indian would spend thrice the amount on just butter? Continue reading Slow Cooker Dal Makhani

Spicy Pongal

I’ve only ever had sweet pongal until I tried Venn Pongal in Chennai. I never liked sweet pongal and would usually refuse at the dinner table. When we were in Chennai, due to some planning issues, we were stuck before our next flight at 5 in the morning and the only thing the hotel had ready for breakfast was pongal. Continue reading Spicy Pongal

Ammachi’s Sambar

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my granny’s best friend. We call her Ammachi and have known her all our lives. Granny and Ammachi call each other ‘Anni’ – which translates to ‘elder brother’s wife. I suppose this was their way to ensure neither woman misbehaves with their respective husbands. It’s the perfect solution to an age-old problem – make your husband your best friend’s brother and you’ll never have to fear her charms! Continue reading Ammachi’s Sambar

Moong Dal Sprouts Salad

Mum recently bought a sprout growing gadget from India and she had no idea how to use it. To be honest, I don’t think she even knew what it was, she probably thought it was a set of tupperwares. So I’m now the proud owner of this strange looking gadget, I wish she’d give away money as generously as she gives away her impulsive purchases. Continue reading Moong Dal Sprouts Salad

Chokoe Parappu

I love Chokoe. I think they’re incredible looking vegetables and they make me smile whenever they come up for sale at the local Coles. Everyone looks at them so suspiciously! I find the easiest way to cook them is with Dal in a pressure cooker. Hard to go wrong and they come up beautifully tender and very very tasty.
Continue reading Chokoe Parappu