Char Siew Chicken & Cucumber Salad



It’s been so long since my last post that I’d actually forgotten which blog provider I’d use! After a round of frantic trial and error, I’m relieved to have found my place again in the big wide internet world. So many things have happened since. I’ve changed jobs, changed houses, changed countries. We’re living in Singapore now and while the food here is varied, the lack of locally grown produce can be frustrating! Continue reading Char Siew Chicken & Cucumber Salad

Mum’s Chicken Soup


Mangy and I have been pretty crooked lately and we haven’t been eating very well. I’ve especially missed my mum’s chicken soup and finally gathered the strength (and courage) to try my hand at making it. A quick phone call to mum for the recipe and in 30 minutes I had lunch ready. It’s not as good as mum’s but still pretty close. Continue reading Mum’s Chicken Soup

Madras Chicken Roast

2013-11-22 11.33.47

This is one of my favourite chicken recipes. It’s really easy to prepare but so tasty that one would think you’ve spent hours toiling away in the kitchen. I’ve used a home made Masala Podi (will post the recipe soon), but you could easily substitute with your favourite garam masala. Try this at home, I’ll guarantee that you’ll never look at chicken the same way again.  Continue reading Madras Chicken Roast

Chicken Banh Mi

2013-11-19 17.27.06 (1)

One of my favourite things when eating out is the Vietnamese Chicken Bahn Mi. It’s a light, crunchy baguette style loaf filled with lots of pickled vegetables, grilled chicken and fresh herbs. The Bahn Mi is incredibly tasty and explodes with flavours, unfortunately it also hits the wallet pretty hard. If we have this a couple of times a week, we’re paying close to $100 per week just for sandwiches. Continue reading Chicken Banh Mi

Breakfast Soufflé


I love eggs for breakfast, but Mangy is a little strange. Some days he’ll order poached eggs and thoroughly enjoy them for breakfast. Other days he’ll refuse to eat them, claiming that they’re too eggy. How can eggs not be eggy?? I I try to be open minded about his quirks, but sometimes I wonder about his food habits….just a little too weird for my taste. Continue reading Breakfast Soufflé