Coconut Mango Ice Cream

As a kid growing up in Singapore, one of the things I looked forward to most was the ice-cream cycle-cart that used to come around after school. Almost every neighbourhood has it’s resident ice-cream vendor. You’d have to tell the ice-cream vendor how much ice-cream you wanted, and for a child 20 cents worth of ice cream was more than enough. Continue reading Coconut Mango Ice Cream

Rava Birni with Pooris

Tamil Muslim grannies show their love through their cooking. They are also fiercely protective and rule the family with an iron fist, but they play the “I’m only a woman – what would I know?” role to the hilt. If my grandad was the head of the family, granny was the neck. She made the head turn as she saw fit! She’s only 4 feet tall, but my god, she could manipulate you to do anything. When I’ve spent some time with her, I usually land up doing things I wouldn’t normally even think of. Sometimes it’ll take me a good week before I even realise what she’s been up to! Continue reading Rava Birni with Pooris


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Rasmalai is really the mother of all desserts. The pleasure never ends, both firm and soft at the same time, the spices are subtle, nothing overpowering but still bursting with exotic flavours. Usually served cold. This is difficult to do in our household though, rasmalai rarely makes it into the fridge for serving later. It isn’t difficult to make rasmalai, but it is time consuming. So be prepared to set aside a couple of hours. The final result is so worth it though. I have taken a couple of short cuts, but they haven’t affected the taste in anyway.

Continue reading Rasmalai

Homemade Butter

Making butter at home is actually pretty easy. The end result is a super tasty butter that is quite different from store-bought butter. While I wouldn’t make butter for baking cakes and cookies, I would happily whip up a batch of butter to serve with fresh bread. It makes every meal really special and who can resist warm bread and good butter? Continue reading Homemade Butter

Homemade Paneer – Step by Step

With ready made paneer being sold at $5ish per 250 grams, it only made sense to start making paneer at home. Look out at your local supermarket, or ask the customer info desk, they should be able to tell you when they stock fresh milk on the shelves. If you’re lucky, you’ll find milk that’s nearing expiry date for as little as 30 cents for 2 litres. I get about a 350 gm block of paneer out of 3 litres of milk. Do the math, it’s really worth the effort. Continue reading Homemade Paneer – Step by Step