Tiramisu Ice Cream

2013-09-06 11.37.00

We have been invited to a friend’s place for a BBQ this weekend and I offered to bring dessert. I couldn’t make up mind between making Coconut Ice Cream or Tiramisu I even sent text messages the hosts asking for their preference. But I still couldn’t settle on the dish I preferred more and I really didn’t want to make both (this was Mangy’s helpful suggestion). In a very rare state of affairs, I actually had all the ingredients at home to make both desserts which really didn’t help my cause. I wanted the flavours of Tiramisu, but the chilly creaminess of a nice homemade ice cream.  Continue reading Tiramisu Ice Cream

Medjool Dates with Brie

Dates stuffed with Brie is a dinner party staple at my aunty’s. She’d make sure the cheese was at room temperature before serving. When I make it, take it a step further and stick the dates under a hot grill before serving.

I like it both ways, cold and sweet dates with creamy Brie or warm gooey cheese and caramlised dates. If you’re trying this recipe at home, you’re bound to snack on a few pre-grilled dates, so you’ll get to try it both ways.  Continue reading Medjool Dates with Brie