Garlic Mayonnaise

Why would anyone buy crappy mayo in jars? Mayo is so easy to make at home, it literally takes minutes. If you’re have trouble, try leaving the eggs in a warm water for about 5 minutes before cracking them. Having the yolks at room temperature or just slightly warmer will really help. Continue reading Garlic Mayonnaise

Soya Sauce Chili Dip

This is a really quick soy dip that goes well with Asian soups, rice porridge or even steamed chicken. I have made so many variations of it, sometimes I render down chicken fat and that, sometimes I add chicken stock, sometimes sesame oil. This recipe is a really basic version, just aim for a good balance of sweet, salty and spicy. Continue reading Soya Sauce Chili Dip

Prawn Tokku

Tokku is a jam-like tomato, onion chili paste. This is one of my grandma’s staples. About twice a year she’ll make a large batch of tokku which she stores in the fridge. If she’s after a quick meal, she’ll scoop out a small amount and add a main ingredient. My favourite tokku is dried salted fish (karuvadu) tokku with rice porridge. YUM. Continue reading Prawn Tokku