Gunny’s Chili Cheese Toasts

My brother-in-law, Mr. Gunny is a pretty good cook (yes ladies, he’s single). His specialities are chilli chicken (he’s up to version no. 127) and anything with cheese. He cooked up a feast tonight at his place and very generously tortured me all evening by sending me photos and recipes via MMS. I haven’t tried these toasts myself, but I can only imagine how good they were! Continue reading Gunny’s Chili Cheese Toasts

Spicy Pongal

I’ve only ever had sweet pongal until I tried Venn Pongal in Chennai. I never liked sweet pongal and would usually refuse at the dinner table. When we were in Chennai, due to some planning issues, we were stuck before our next flight at 5 in the morning and the only thing the hotel had ready for breakfast was pongal. Continue reading Spicy Pongal

Embi’s Curd Rice – Thair Saatham


I used to believe that only nice people could be good cooks. That theory flew out of the window when I came across 2 people; Jordan Phlamsay* and Embi* (*names have been changed to protect the innocent …..although I really should be changing my name not theirs..). Continue reading Embi’s Curd Rice – Thair Saatham