Breakfast Soufflé


I love eggs for breakfast, but Mangy is a little strange. Some days he’ll order poached eggs and thoroughly enjoy them for breakfast. Other days he’ll refuse to eat them, claiming that they’re too eggy. How can eggs not be eggy?? I I try to be open minded about his quirks, but sometimes I wonder about his food habits….just a little too weird for my taste. Continue reading Breakfast Soufflé

Bagara Baingan (Whole baby eggplant curry)


I’ve been in a bit of a cooking funk lately and have been feeling a little uninspired in the kitchen. I figured the best way to shake it off is to cook up recipes I would normally never be interested in. One of those recipes is Bagara Baingan. It just seemed like too much work for 6 little eggplants.  Continue reading Bagara Baingan (Whole baby eggplant curry)