Onion Rings


The key to good onion rings is to cook them at lower heat for a longer time. Not too hot as the onion rings will brown quickly and the onions would still be raw. By cooking them slowly, the onions have a chance to cook through and become lovely and sweet. Don’t overcrowd the oil, just a few rings at a time and these will make the perfect side dish to your steaks or burgers. Continue reading Onion Rings

Candied Cashews

2013-08-02 22.12.50

This hardly a recipe, just something I throw together when we haven’t got snacks in the house and we’re craving for something sweet. These nuts are so morish on their own and also  go really well over ice ream. The salt is a must as it cuts through all that sugary sweetness and makes the nuts taste like salted caramel, so don’t skip it!  Continue reading Candied Cashews