Cashewnut Cookies

2013-07-30 18.51.02

One of my favourite things about visiting India is being able to try out all the different biscuits. I love how they come in these tiny little single-serve (at least I hope they’re meant to be single serve) packages. My absolute favourites are the 50-50 biscuits and the cashew nut cookies, especially with a hot cup of Chai. Continue reading Cashewnut Cookies

Mustard Fried Fish

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A couple of weeks ago, Mangy surprised me by taking me out for lunch at a local Indian restaurant. Usually, I’m a typical curry and would refuse to admit that the cooking at an Indian restaurant is better than home-cooked food. But this time, I had to admit I was wrong. This particular restaurant blended Bengali and Punjabi styles of cooking and the result was incredible. Every dish was better than the one before and my absolute favourite was the Mustard fish.  Continue reading Mustard Fried Fish

White Toblerone and Lime Cake

2013-07-20 16.53.59

I love all sorts of chocolate except white chocolate. White chocolate isn’t even real chocolate! Recently, I was left with a whole heap of white Toblerone mini bars when we finished all the dark and milk bars from a mixed bag. I figured one way to get rid of them was to make a cake. In good time too, Mangy needed to bring something into work for morning tea. Continue reading White Toblerone and Lime Cake

Murungai Keerai Sodhi (Drumstick Leaves in Coconut Milk)


Murungai Keerai Sodhi takes literally minutes to prepare, but it will take you hours to get the leaves ready for cooking. I plonked myself infront of the iPad and watched 5 and a half episodes of NCIS before I was done plucking individual leaves off the stems. Once the leaves are ready though, you’re good to go. Continue reading Murungai Keerai Sodhi (Drumstick Leaves in Coconut Milk)

Soup Kambing (Lamb Rib Soup)


Soup kambing is a thin spicy lamb or mutton soup, usually served with crusty cubes of bread and a good dash of white pepper and soya sauce. It is also very difficult to photograph and posed a real challenge for my mobile phone camera. For a photographer’s daughter, I take terrible pictures. I’m lucky my dad doesn’t follow my blog. Otherwise I would be disowned! Continue reading Soup Kambing (Lamb Rib Soup)