On the Food Trail – Australia (Hobart) December 2012

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I hope you enjoyed the pictures from my recent Hobart trip. I also had some beautiful photos of our meal at the Drunken Admiral which I accidentally deleted from my iPhone.
I am really upset as we had the perfect table for nice photos. A quiet setting next to a large window with lots of natural light. Everything on the table looked bright and wonderful. The food looked incredible in the photos.

Thinking I’d be more organised this time, I had transferred the photos to a  ‘Hobart’ album on the iPhone and deleted the originals from the camera roll. I didn’t realise Apple doesn’t work like Windows (duh) and when you delete the original, the ‘copy’ in the album also gets deleted.

Anyway, at least I worked it out in time and didn’t lose ALL my photos…here’s what my mum and I ate at the Drunken Admiral, you’ll just have to use your imagination until I find a way to retrieve the lost photos (if you know how, drop me a line, it would be much appreciated):

@ the Drunken Admiral (in order of preference):

  • Hotrock Salmon: Boneless, seared with Japanese spices on fired volcanic rock with wasabi, soy & mayo
  • Battle of Cadiz Oysters: Grilled with vine ripened jalapenos, tomatoes, fresh picked coriander & Tasmanian cheddar
  • Fish Market Chowder
  • Seared Scallops: Scooped fresh from coastal waters, splashed with a garlic, soy & parsley marinade and served cooking at the table over hot river rock with Greek island salad and tzatziki
  • Steamed Southern Mussels: In a tomato, garlic, shallot & white wine broth with crusty warm bread & aioli

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