Eggplant Chips

If you have been to the Groove Train recently, you probably left pretty unsatisfied and annoyed that you spent all that money on a crap meal. I keep returning to the Groove Train, because I absolutely love their eggplant chips. For me the chips are the main meal, I order everything else just so I don’t look like an idiot pigging out on eggplant chips and coke zero while my husband (who hates the Groove Train) watches on. Continue reading Eggplant Chips

Low Carb Chocolate Soufflé

With all the exam stress, I’ve been overloading on chocolate as I pull some all-nighters. Late last night I realised that I had to make my chocolate bar stretch a little further as I seriously didn’t think Mangy would be excited about a 2 am chocolate run to the grocery store. What better way to indulge in chocolate than soufflé?

Mangy’s Mum’s Sweet Chilli Lemon Pickle

I love pickling and preserving ingredients. It reminds me of my grandma and of childhood. I think about the produce and where it came from, especially if it is home grown  or donated by a generous friend and feel a real sense of connection to the end result. Continue reading Mangy’s Mum’s Sweet Chilli Lemon Pickle

Medjool Dates with Brie

Dates stuffed with Brie is a dinner party staple at my aunty’s. She’d make sure the cheese was at room temperature before serving. When I make it, take it a step further and stick the dates under a hot grill before serving.

I like it both ways, cold and sweet dates with creamy Brie or warm gooey cheese and caramlised dates. If you’re trying this recipe at home, you’re bound to snack on a few pre-grilled dates, so you’ll get to try it both ways.  Continue reading Medjool Dates with Brie

Asparagus with Almond and Parmesan

With the way Uni has been going, it’s a wonder I’ve had time to eat, let alone cook! I’ve been missing cooking (but not missing the cleaning) so much that I set out to prepare a nice meal for lunch today. This is a really quick recipe that goes beautifully with some grilled or roast chicken. We had it with some pepper steak and it was beautiful. Continue reading Asparagus with Almond and Parmesan