Mangy’s Cream of Chicken Soup

Lately, Mangy has been doing 90% of the cooking in our household. Unfortunately with so much going on at Uni, I haven’t had the time nor inclination to worry about gourmet meals. I’m just grateful to have something warm to eat after a long day. Continue reading Mangy’s Cream of Chicken Soup


A little while I posted the recipe for Guddi Mausi’s Paya. While I really enjoyed it, I felt the urge to tweak it a little, just to see if we can turn it into something magical. I think the changes definitely worked and it resulted in a silkier, richer broth. If you’re short on time, definitely try Guddi Mausi’s version. My version below is an all day event. You don’t need to be standing at the stove for hours, but you definitely need to be home to keep an eye on the pressure cooker. Continue reading Paya