Palak Paneer

For such an easy and quick recipe, the ingredient list reads like a manual! Don’t be afraid to try it though, you’ll use mostly store cupboard ingredients and a majority of the items on this list are repeated throughout the process. You just need to add a little of each spice at different stages.  Continue reading Palak Paneer


Guddi Mausi’s Paya

This is Mangy’s aunty’s Paya  recipe. I’ve heard about her Paya for years now from Mangy. Having never eaten Paya, I had a vision of a gluggy, sloppy, spicy, slimy, hoofy soup. Thankfully we managed to find Paya at the butcher’s recently. A quick call back home for instructions and Mangy was able to recreate his aunty’s recipe. Continue reading Guddi Mausi’s Paya

Pesto Cheese Scones

Mangy came home one night from work and raved about the beautiful pesto scones he had at the cafeteria at work. I asked him to describe it, and he said it was incredibly tasty and he especially loved the pesto stuffed into the layers. Immediately I started to suspect that something was wrong. Scones with layers?? Huh? Continue reading Pesto Cheese Scones

Beef and Guinness Pies

Mangy saw this on telly the other night and decided that he JUST.HAD.TO have them. The pie filling has 2 of his favourite ingredients: beef and Guinness. The original recipe comes from Masterchef judge Gary Mehigan. I stuck to it as much as I could (I had the husband breathing down my neck making sure I wasn’t changing God Gary’s word). Continue reading Beef and Guinness Pies