Chicken Deli Slices with cream cheese and Ajvar

A friend at work introduced me to Ajvar. Ajvar is a chutney made out of blended grilled vegetables. It’s addictive and I’ve had a tablespoon or so of Ajvar with almost every meal ever since I received a bottle of it! This is one of my favourite ways of eating Ajvar. It’s a really good snack, low in carb but super tasty. Continue reading Chicken Deli Slices with cream cheese and Ajvar

Easy Butter Paneer

Another really easy recipe, inspired by my favourite Vah Chef. Made a few changes, but it’s still super tasty and goes brilliantly with roti. For a super yummy snack, stuff leftover butter paneer between 2 slices of bread with some grated cheese and toast in a sandwich maker. They come out like paneer samosas. Continue reading Easy Butter Paneer