Orange Almond Chocolate Chip Cake

I’ve written before about Mangy’s obsession for home-baked cakes. He strongly feels it is part of a wife’s duty to bake a cake every weekend. Sometimes I wonder if he regrets not putting it into a pre-nuptial contract. A cake a week otherwise out she goes! Continue reading Orange Almond Chocolate Chip Cake

Egg Fry (Varuval)

This is a super easy recipe for a mid-week meal. My best friend N came over for lunch today, she’s given up meat for Lent, but still happily enjoys egg and alcohol (although not together). This egg varuval went down a treat with hot rotis, and tasted even better with rice. Continue reading Egg Fry (Varuval)

Prawn Fry (Varuval)

I came across this recipe on youtube and could hardly wait to try it. It’s really easy and super tasty. As usual, I’ve made a few changes. One of the major changes is using gingelly oil instead of regular oil. My granny has always told me to use gingelly oil when frying tomatoes and/or onions. The oil helps remove any ‘rawness’ and adds maximum flavour. Continue reading Prawn Fry (Varuval)

Ammachi’s Sambar

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my granny’s best friend. We call her Ammachi and have known her all our lives. Granny and Ammachi call each other ‘Anni’ – which translates to ‘elder brother’s wife. I suppose this was their way to ensure neither woman misbehaves with their respective husbands. It’s the perfect solution to an age-old problem – make your husband your best friend’s brother and you’ll never have to fear her charms! Continue reading Ammachi’s Sambar