Fried Wonton Wrappers and Ice Cream

I¬†know wonton with ice cream probably sounds weird, but wonton wrappers are really a kind of pastry and any sort of fried pastry is good pastry. The wrappers are crunchy and morish and contrast beautifully with ice cream. Continue reading Fried Wonton Wrappers and Ice Cream

Onion Samosa

I had these onion samosas for the first time in Chennai in 2009. They were absolutely beautiful. Tiny, just enough for a single bite. But incredibly full of flavour. They burst with chilli, sweet, a little salty and were drenched in 2 different sauces. So different from the stodgy bland potato lumps we get here. Unfortunately I wasn’t present when they were purchased, otherwise I would have tattooed the coordinates of the location of the store on my forearm and the person who bought them is no longer in talking terms with me (I wonder why). Continue reading Onion Samosa