On the Food Trail – Singapore – December 2011

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Well, we were back in Singapore again! On our way to India this time and we’re only stopped over for a couple of hours. Mangy and his brother have been drooling over the thought of chilli crabs and tiger prawns, so we decided to have a quick dinner before catching our next flight to Mumbai.

Initially we had planned on going back to Newton Circus, but we landed up at East Coast Lagoon Food Centre instead. My brother and his beautiful girlfriend joined us for dinner, so with more mouths to feed, we were able to order a lot more food (the last time, when it was just the 2 of us, we ordered just enough to feed a small army). 5 of us ate for about $200, bargain! Pictures below, have a hanky ready, you don’t want to drool over your keyboard.

We started with satay, from 2 different stalls. Unfortunately, I was too excited and forgot to take photos. I would strongly recommend the satay from stall #55, Haron Satay. Moist, juicy and super yummy. I would also highly recommend the seafood from Leng Heng BBQ Seafood & Claypot.

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