On the Food Trail – India (Mumbai) – December 2011

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We had a 6 hour halt in Mumbai, on the way to Varodara. I thought we were going to collapse by the time we reached Mangy’s parents’ place. We got out of Mumbai airport with all 10 pieces of luggage, I was grumpy as hell, wondering where we’d park ourselves for 6 hours, but the husband and brother in law had something up their sleeves

Amongst the crowd of drivers, I spotted a chap holding a hotel board with my husband’s name, and he quickly took over the luggage and led us to a parked brand new BMW! The boys had planned a spa stop at the beautiful Leela hotel for us. Traveling through Mumbai traffic in such style, I quickly forgot that we’d been traveling for 24 hours by then. The massage at the spa was incredible, I was in and out of consciousness to be honest. With only a couple of hours to spare, we decided not to risk Mumbai traffic and had a quick meal at the hotel poolside bar.

After lunch and a zippy BMW ride to the domestic airport, the boys decided they were hungry again! So we tried some snack foods at the airport food centre.

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