Orange Sugar

As much as Mangy loves cakes, he hates icing or frosting. On the other hand, I think an un-iced cake looks too naked. So I come up with all sorts of ways to decorate cakes without actually icing them. Flavored sugars are easy to make and go down well with Mangy, they also add that little bit of extra sweetness when it’s required.

This Orange Sugar goes well with cake, but it’s beautiful when sprinkled on top of hot pancakes or waffles or stirred through black tea for a little bit of a zesty after taste.

It’s made of fresh orange peel, so don’t store it for too long (never a problem in our house) – keep in the fridge and use like ordinary sugar.

You’ll need:
1/2 orange
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup icing sugar (or run regular sugar through a coffee bean grinder)

Using a sharp knife, slice the outer skin of the orange. Careful to avoid the white pith as much as possible. Slice this skin into thin pieces.
In a coffee bean grinder, add the granulated sugar and orange slices. Whizz until the orange has totally broken up into the sugar. At this stage the sugar will be a little clumpy.

Remove the mix from the grinder into a bowl. Stir the icing sugar through. The icing sugar will help lighten the mix. Stir well, if needed, pour it back into the coffee grinder and give it another quick whizz. Enjoy!

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