Kothu Paratha

Mum always keeps frozen prata in her freezer. It’s great emergency food, and guests love it with spicy curry. So if anyone drops by she’s always prepared. We went by my parent’s place this evening, but no one was home. I have the keys to their house so I decided to help myself to mum’s stash of frozen prata 🙂 Continue reading Kothu Paratha

Muah Chee

As a child growing up in Singapore, one of my secret afternoon snacks was Muah Chee. I used to buy it in a little plastic container from an old lady after school. All she would have was a pan with the dough and a tub of ground peanuts and sugar. She would set up stall against a pillar and snooze away until someone came by. I’d have to wake her up, put in my order, she would snip away, scoop up into a plastic container, a couple of toothpicks and off I went. I’d walk really slow so that I had enough time to finish it before getting home. Continue reading Muah Chee

Stuffed Banana peppers, Onion and Spinach bajji

Bajjis remind me of Marina beach in Chennai. Huge vats of dark filthy hot oil. A bajji seller who looks like he hasn’t had a decent wash in weeks. The vegetables piled high for flies to feast on. But my god, those hot bajjis, by the beach, wind in your hair, sand between your toes. That’s my idea of a good life. All you need is a quick prayer, a mental check that your financial affairs are in order for your loved ones and you’re ready to tuck in. Continue reading Stuffed Banana peppers, Onion and Spinach bajji