Caramel Toblerone Ice Cream

If you ever have the unlikely problem of having to use up chocolate that’s been hanging around (you’re weird) – this recipe is dead easy and will go down a treat. Any kind of chocolate will work, we just prefer Toblerone. Continue reading Caramel Toblerone Ice Cream

Smashed Garlic Kipfler Potatoes

This potato dish goes wonderfully with a roast dinner or BBQ meal. It is also really easy to prepare. If you’ve never tried Kipfler potatoes, pick some up the next time you’re at the markets. You’ll be hooked. They’re so different from normal potatoes, with so much flavor and the texture is incredible. Continue reading Smashed Garlic Kipfler Potatoes

Embi’s Curd Rice – Thair Saatham


I used to believe that only nice people could be good cooks. That theory flew out of the window when I came across 2 people; Jordan Phlamsay* and Embi* (*names have been changed to protect the innocent …..although I really should be changing my name not theirs..). Continue reading Embi’s Curd Rice – Thair Saatham

Chokoe Parappu

I love Chokoe. I think they’re incredible looking vegetables and they make me smile whenever they come up for sale at the local Coles. Everyone looks at them so suspiciously! I find the easiest way to cook them is with Dal in a pressure cooker. Hard to go wrong and they come up beautifully tender and very very tasty.
Continue reading Chokoe Parappu