Pav Bhaji

I’ll start off by saying, I’ve never had ‘proper’ Pav Bhaji, the closest I’ve had is from a sleazy joint in Chennai. Mangy assures me that it’s not the real thing because South Indians simply can’t make proper Pav Bhaji! But he wasn’t with me in Chennai – so I don’t know how he knows that it wasn’t the real thing… Continue reading Pav Bhaji

Prawn Tokku

Tokku is a jam-like tomato, onion chili paste. This is one of my grandma’s staples. About twice a year she’ll make a large batch of tokku which she stores in the fridge. If she’s after a quick meal, she’ll scoop out a small amount and add a main ingredient. My favourite tokku is dried salted fish (karuvadu) tokku with rice porridge. YUM. Continue reading Prawn Tokku