Rava Birni with Pooris

Tamil Muslim grannies show their love through their cooking. They are also fiercely protective and rule the family with an iron fist, but they play the “I’m only a woman – what would I know?” role to the hilt. If my grandad was the head of the family, granny was the neck. She made the head turn as she saw fit! She’s only 4 feet tall, but my god, she could manipulate you to do anything. When I’ve spent some time with her, I usually land up doing things I wouldn’t normally even think of. Sometimes it’ll take me a good week before I even realise what she’s been up to! Continue reading Rava Birni with Pooris

Sambar Roti – Chapati 101

What’s special about these rotis? Instead of water, I used leftover sambhar. You could use any leftover dal. Some people cook the dal down until it thickens, then mash it and use it to knead the roti dough. That’s too much work for me. I just pour a couple of cups of sambhar with vegetables and all into a blender and give it a quick whiz. I replace water with this mixture and knead the chappati dough. Continue reading Sambar Roti – Chapati 101

Buckwheat Masala Idli

I came across this recipe a couple of months ago and have been dying to try it out. The idlies looked perfect, beautifully soft and spongy and as a bonus, they are even healthier than rice idlies. I feel justified in overeating! We also had some leftover carrot raita, so I figured this would be a great way to use up the raita. Continue reading Buckwheat Masala Idli