Yogurt No-Knead Bread

I’ve updated my no-knead bread recipe and now add yogurt to the mix. The yogurt gives it a different flavour, more sour-doughy. It’s also denser bread, making it better for sandwiches. The original recipe is still great, for dipping into olive oil and pairing with beautiful cheeses. But the holes in the bread make it difficult to use it for sandwich fillings.
I like both recipes, I just make the recipe that sutis us best and at the moment it’s the yogurt version, I like taking peanut butter sandwiches to work 🙂
Follow the original recipe, but add ½ cup of plain yogurt.
Place a tray of water in the oven when you start the baking, the water will heat up and create steam. When you remove the lid off the baking pan, the steam helps the bread crust up nicely without becoming too dry.

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