Jack Daniels Spare Ribs

The boys in my family go wild when we’ve got ribs on the menu for dinner.  I worry for my safety and usually serve the ribs and then hide out until it’s safe to enter the kitchen again when they’re all sated. When it’s ribs night, I also know to have something else prepared for my dinner, as there is no guarantee that I’ll get fed anything. I’ve based by recipe on this one. As usual, we’ve adapted it to our tastes and convenience. Continue reading Jack Daniels Spare Ribs

Imitation Chilli Crab

What do you do when you have an intense craving for chilli crab? You improvise! I’ve been thinking of chilli crab for a couple of weeks now, but I didn’t want to deal with the killing, cleaning, chopping…too much work. I wanted a recipe for a quick mid-week meal, to enjoy with bread or rice. Not quite THE Chilli Crab…but close. Continue reading Imitation Chilli Crab

Yogurt No-Knead Bread

I’ve updated my no-knead bread recipe and now add yogurt to the mix. The yogurt gives it a different flavour, more sour-doughy. It’s also denser bread, making it better for sandwiches. The original recipe is still great, for dipping into olive oil and pairing with beautiful cheeses. But the holes in the bread make it difficult to use it for sandwich fillings. Continue reading Yogurt No-Knead Bread