Bagging a Chick

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a recipe, that’s simply because it’s been awhile since I’ve cooked! I haven’t been well, so I’ve been staying at my mum’s place. At this rate, I reckon I won’t be well for a good year, it’s so nice having someone else cook and clean for you 🙂
Last night I thought I’ll make something easy to give mum a break. I’m not posting the recipe here, but wanted to talk about one of my favourite things; Oven Bags.
Oven bags produce moist, tender, crispy-skinned roasted chooks. Clean up is easy, and you really don’t have to do much to the chicken to make it taste good. You can find oven bags in the foil/cling wrap section of your supermarket, and season your meats as you like.
Sometimes I cheat, and get the Cook-in-Bag Portuguese Chicken by Continental. I do add a little more chili powder to the mix. Stuff a couple of garlic cloves, a lemon and onion into the cavity and you’re ready to roast!
Oven bags are great for vegetables too. Next time you’re at your local supermarket, pick this up, you’ll never turn back.

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