Homemade Butter

Making butter at home is actually pretty easy. The end result is a super tasty butter that is quite different from store-bought butter. While I wouldn’t make butter for baking cakes and cookies, I would happily whip up a batch of butter to serve with fresh bread. It makes every meal really special and who can resist warm bread and good butter? Continue reading Homemade Butter

Homemade Paneer – Step by Step

With ready made paneer being sold at $5ish per 250 grams, it only made sense to start making paneer at home. Look out at your local supermarket, or ask the customer info desk, they should be able to tell you when they stock fresh milk on the shelves. If you’re lucky, you’ll find milk that’s nearing expiry date for as little as 30 cents for 2 litres. I get about a 350 gm block of paneer out of 3 litres of milk. Do the math, it’s really worth the effort. Continue reading Homemade Paneer – Step by Step

Khaman Dhokla

The husband and I were driving home after Uni this evening, we’ve finished exams for the term, and were frankly quite exhausted. We weren’t hungry, just peckish and I had a sudden craving for Khaman. A quick phone call to my mother-in-law and we had recipe in hand. The Khaman was beautiful, and what an incredible colour! Just what we needed to celebrate end of exams. I am ashamed to say, I finished 3/4 of the plate. Continue reading Khaman Dhokla

Instant Idli

I’ve been lucky getting bread dough to rise, appam batter to ferment and milk to curdle enough to make paneer. But I haven’t had any luck making idlies from scratch. I have tried everything. The oven light method was an absolute fail. The fenugreek seeds just made the batter smell bad and placing the mixing bowl on a bed of rock salt only wasted said salt. Continue reading Instant Idli

Rosie’s Easy Appam / Hoppers

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I love Appam. Growing up, I used to look forward to weekends, when the entire clan will head out to Little India and feast on these crispy crepe-like goodness. When we moved to Australia, I assumed that that would be the last I’d see of Appams. One night, our neighbour, Rosie invited us over for dinner and there they were…100s of these Appams that she had spent all evening preparing. Continue reading Rosie’s Easy Appam / Hoppers