Magic Mushrooms

Yes, we’re growing mushrooms, in the dark, in our bathroom cabinet. Hidden away behind the shampoo bottles and cleaning products. Tucked under the plumbing where no one will find them.

These mushrooms are in fact, not the magic kind (ha!). But still taste amazing and will bring you halfway to Nirvana.
We bought a Mushroom kit from Bunnings about 3 weeks ago for about $20, and it’s producing these little monsters! I refuse to open the bathroom cabinet doors at night, because they’re quite scary to look at in dim light. Glaring at you, all white faced.
The mushroom kits come with a choice of button mushrooms, swiss browns or a mix. We’ve got the mix, so it adds to the mystery because we’re really not sure which one will come up next.
Mushrooms are high in some vitamin. I don’t remember which now, (but they’re really good for you). I like them in a butter sauce (which isn’t good for you) and will often sauté them in a little garlic and lots of butter. Toss some cooked pasta through and you have a beautiful meal. Otherwise serve with eggs or just eat on its own! Stir through some cream and black pepper and you have a good sauce to go with steak.

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