Garlic Butter Brussels Sprouts

I dislike cabbage terribly. I suppose it was a Monday morning when God created cabbage. He was tired and cranky. But he had to be productive. So he threw together something bland, boring and dull. Like a bad report with a front cover and a back cover and nothing of substance in between.
If cabbage was created on a Monday morning, brussels sprouts were created on a Friday afternoon. God was eager to start the weekend and hadn’t really worked much all day; At 3pm he needed to show that he’d done something with his day at work…so there it was…a mini version of Monday’s useless report.
About 2 weeks ago, Mangy and I decided we must simply eat more vegetables. We went on a shopping spree, and landed up with a bag of brussels sprouts. Into the fridge they went, and we promptly forgot about them. Unfortunately, I did use a Fresh ‘N’ Crisp bag (these are fantastic to store vegetables for extended periods of time), which meant that the brussels sprouts were still nice and fresh 2 weeks on. If they were rotting, I could have chucked them out and moved on with life. But now, we had to face up to the little buggers!
So this is what Mangy came up with:
The end result? They were wonderful. Tender and crunchy at the same time. The garlic added a lot of warmth and depth. The pine nuts were creamy. It really was a beautiful dish that I would have been proud to serve to anyone. So am I a convert? Yep! Bring on the brussels sprouts!
You will need:
½ Kilo of brussels sprouts (Cut off the bottom woody bit, and then cut into quarters. You may need to remove a few outer leaves to clean them)
2 tablespoons pine nuts (Roast in a little butter till golden)
3 garlic cloves (Slice thin, and fry in butter till crisp and golden)
Lemon Juice
Heat butter, add brussels sprouts and cook until just tender. Add pine nuts and continue stirring until the brussels sprouts are cooked to your liking. I prefer them a little crunchy. Remove from heat, add garlic and salt to taste. Finish off with lemon juice, stir well and enjoy!

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