Growing Fenugreek / Methi

I didn’t know methi leaves existed until I got married. My husband would not stop raving about methi and lamb curry. So one day, I googled it and chanced upon a few instructional videos / blogs on growing methi.

It’s incredibly easy, even if you have a black thumb, you’d probably get a lush tray of methi going. I use a perlite mix in aluminium disposable trays.

I puncture 2 holes in the bottom of the tray and line it with a wet kitchen paper towel. Perlite mix or soil goes in, sprinkle methi seeds generously and then cover loosely with a thin layer of perlite or soil. Water and watch them grow!

You could just as easily use potting mix. I’ve tried them both with similar results. I just find the perlite easier to wash off the methi and always have perlite on hand.

I’ve also had much success growing them in reusable shopping bags. I follow the same process, cut 2 holes in the bottom of the bag, line with wet kitchen paper, and use either soil or perlite.

Finally, here’s a picture of methi growing in my hydroponic set-up. I use Autopot, which is a system available here in Melbourne – for more info. I’ll also be writing up a post on my little autopot garden, so stay tuned!

Any excess methi is easily frozen. Harvest, wash, cut and freeze in aluminium foil, and then bag it in ziplock bags.


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