Homemade Butter

Making butter at home is actually pretty easy. The end result is a super tasty butter that is quite different from store-bought butter. While I wouldn’t make butter for baking cakes and cookies, I would happily whip up a batch of butter to serve with fresh bread. It makes every meal really special and who can resist warm bread and good butter?

You’ll need:
500 ml heavy thickened cream
500 ml cold water
A blender

Blend cream and water in an electric blender at a low speed. Within a couple of minutes you should see the cream turn into butter. Pour the mix into a strainer lined with cheese cloth or chux. Once the buttermilk has strained, rinse the butter well under cold running water.

Place the butter in a bowl and press with a wooden spoon. This will force the butter to release any water it has. The more you do this, the fluffier the butter will be, just keep pressing the butter to get as much moisture out.

After this, you can shape it anyway you like. It stores in the fridge for about a month. In my household, it doesn’t last beyond a couple of weeks, we eat this butter like cheese!

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