Garlic Butter Brussels Sprouts

I dislike cabbage terribly. I suppose it was a Monday morning when God created cabbage. He was tired and cranky. But he had to be productive. So he threw together something bland, boring and dull. Like a bad report with a front cover and a back cover and nothing of substance in between. Continue reading Garlic Butter Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Cereal Tofu

Remember the good old days when mothers thought fried food was good for you? Spicy fried chicken with rice was the ultimate lunch menu item after school. But it wasn’t the chicken that interested me, it was the burnt bits of masala that stuck on the bottom of the pan. Mum used to scoop the crispy bits out and they were the highlight of my meal. Fried chicken is now a thing of the past, mum grills chicken now. But guess what? I’ve found something better. Continue reading Crispy Cereal Tofu

No knead bread

The only thing I love more than warm bread is making bread. I enjoy nurturing the dough, shaping it, waiting for it to rise, letting it cook to perfection, the smell filling our house while it cools, ready to be sliced. To be honest, this is where Mangy and I struggle. We have never really waited for bread to cool before hacking our way through a loaf. Continue reading No knead bread